Corona virus Coverage!

Currently the majority of carriers WILL cover you NOW without bloodwork or a physical. As long as you haven’t had contact with someone infected in the last 14 days. The carriers are trying to approve everyone they  possible  can while this outbreak is happening, so you have coverage in case you are infected after your policy is in effect.

However, if you don’t get coverage now and you do contract Covid-19, it could be up to 2 full years before you can get coverage again as they still don’t know the long-lasting effects.
So PLEASE  get coverage now while you still can. Appointments are now being done through the internet so there is no contact between your agent and yourself so we can all respect Social Distancing.


"Everything we offer is a Tax-Free Investment vehicle"

Equis Financial is a nationwide network of insurance professionals. Our agents help people across the country find the life insurance and retirement solutions they need to protect their families and their futures. We have partnered with industry leading carriers to bring our agents a portfolio of products that they can be proud to offer their clients. Our agents follow-up with families that have requested assistance and work with them to create a solution that best fits their needs and budget.

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I’ve been in the Finance, Mortgage, and Insurance fields for over 30 years and with that extensive knowledge, I can show you how to use a Life Insurance policy as a FINANCIAL TOOL. Most people don’t realize that Life Insurance can actually be used to protect your mortgage and equity of your home. It can also pay you if you get sick, NOT just when someone passes. It can build a tax free retirement for anyone. You can build a college fund while never losing value of policy. You don’t need 3 different policies to protect your 3 most valuable assets. Family, Home, and Equity!

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It’s not just for children & it’s never too late to start.

Let me put it another way…this innovative 100% TAX FREE program grows retirement income with a GUARANTEE to never lose money.

Give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll tell you all about it. You’ll be entered to win a $200 VISA gift card.

Our Mission

We respect and invest in our most valuable resource—our agents—by providing a secure and innovative environment to begin and build a lasting career.


What if you were in an accident tomorrow?

The reasons we need coverage that we all think about at some point but never all at once. it is your job to remind everyone of what can happen to families when an accident or medical issue arises and cripples them financially.


  1.  To pay off mortgage (or make payments) if lose income of a breadwinner.  Saves the home.


  2. Equity Protection-covers payments to give family time to grieve and protect the current equity for the family to use.


  3. To set up retirement for remaining spouse/both now.


  4. To make sure private school or a College Fund is created and is not jeopardized due to a death.


  5. To create Replacement Income (3 yrs. Recommended) of those who are gone for family expenses so they DON’T lose the home, can pay all bills, and kids are secure and family doesn’t lose the life style accustomed to.

We all understand that most of us don’t want to talk about Children perishing, but we need to because unfortunately it happens every day around the U.S. So, whether a parent, child, or grandparent…it is Imperative to cover all members of the family.


While our foundation was built on Mortgage Protection services, our platform greatly expanded since then.

Beyond Mortgage Protection, our platform now supports Final Expense, Advanced Markets, and Spanish-speaking agents throughout the country through Equis Latino.

With the leadership of industry veterans Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, and Bill Martin, Equis Financial is experiencing unprecedented growth and is bettering the lives of both agents and clients nationwide.

Through partnerships with the industry’s best carriers, we bring our agents a portfolio of products that can provide the protection the families we serve so desperately need.

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 This is also LIFETIME coverage for you making sure there will be monies for your Family when the time comes.


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