There’s a reason they call us “The Agent’s Company.” We were started by agents and built for agents. If you want to be valued for your work ethic, leadership, and integrity—if you’re looking for the right place you can serve and succeed—explore the future with us.


At Equis, you are your own company’s most valuable asset.

  • Build your career as a financial agent with the exclusive Equis turnkey system
  • Start with a 75% commission advance
  • Earn additional rewards for your extra effort with the Equis Bonus Program
  • You’ll be eligible for raises every 2 months
  • Generate a passive income through renewals
  • NO membership fees, club fees, contract promotion fees, or training fees
  • Part-time and full-time positions available

Our clients desperately need our help

Middle-income Americans are in a crisis. It’s up to you to help them install their first line of defense in the face of financial hardships. With Equis, you’ll work with your clients to tailor life insurance and retirement solutions that best fit their needs and budgets. Thanks to your financial know-how, your clients can finally protect their loved ones. Talk about a win-win.

With all the recent layoffs there are good people out there that need to feed their families. It is commissions of $500-$700 per sale to start. Mtg and Equity protection with Living Benefits. In today’s world, uncertainty is at an all time high and everyone out there needs this protection. If you or anyone you know is looking, please go to www.taxfreeandme.com and click on Opportunities and watch a video or two and let me know if interested. 410-971-0833.

Also, I am licensed in 13 states and can do Video Conferencing to go over options for your family. Please feel free to buzz me to discuss your situation as I do Non-Medical so there is no blood work etc. to be approved they just go by your current medical history.

Life and Living Benefits coverage included



of Americans say they personally need life insurance but many don't have it.


of U.S. households with children would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses within a few months if a primary wage earner were to die today.


of Americans fear they won’t be able to retire or that they will run out of money during their retirement.


is the average cost of a funeral, which is a 28% increase in the last 10 years. For most families today, the loss of a loved one brings both emotional and financial stress.

“The Agent’s Company” is your company.

Gather Leads With Ease

We’re the company where the sales come to you, not the other way around. Thanks to Equis’s exclusive lead program, cold-calling is a task of the past.

Equis Financial Business Overviews

Receive the latest product and sales training from the Equis executive team, top field agents, and insurance carrier representatives in person, in a city near you!


Leadership That's Here For You

Unlike other company structures, our leadership works for you. Sounds crazy, right? But that’s how it should be.

Equis Podcast Network

Plug in to training on-demand. Our podcast lets you take your learning on the go and improve wherever you are.

Education Tools Made For You

Our company was built by agents, for agents. Equis invests in your financial education, because that’s how we do better as a team.

Weekly Webinars

Join industry titans each week like Bill Martin, Vice President of Sales, for interactive webinars—questions answered live.

Online Training

Expert training from the industry’s best is on Equis Financial’s own training platform. It’s 100% free, and available for all your electronic devices.


Top-Notch Technology

From a back office that makes your job easier to integrations with our partners, our technology’s job is to get out of the way so you can serve clients at your speed.


National Training Conventions

Looking for education that’s a little more personal? Our national training conventions are great opportunities to train and get to know your fellow agents. You can even grab some one-on-one time with some of our best agents to help you improve your business.

Marketing Enabled

A strong brand, a credible reputation, and a suite of digital marketing tools are here to help you establish yourself as a professional and expand your business as an entrepreneur.


The success of our agents is our chief concern. The one thing that stands in the way of most salespeoples’ success is finding people who want and need their product. At Equis we have eliminated that problem with our exclusive lead program.


Can I start part-time?

Yes. Many of our most successful agents started part–time while they kept their 9–5 job, before transitioning into a full–time career with Equis. Head to our Videos section to view some of these very success stories!


How many leads does the average agent need?

On average, our full–time agents purchase 10–15 leads per week, but do keep in mind that your success is not dependent on leads.


Are agents paid commission only?

Yes. Other than the bonuses paid by Equis, our agents make their living from commissions paid by our various insurance companies.


How much do leads cost?

Lead cost depends on the type of lead, the age of the lead, and contract level of the agent. For a new agent leads can cost from $42.50 down to $0.50! Leads are here to help facilitate your business but are in no way required for success at The Agent’s Company! Many of our top agents have found their success without the use of any leads at all.

How much can a new agent make?

Brand new agents start on a 70% contract with 75% commission advance. If that agent issues 4 sales per week, with the company average of about $1,000 annual premium and takes 10 leads per week, they will end up with a net commission of $1,690 per week. We have many part–time agents who work a couple days a week and earn an extra $1,000 – $2,000 to supplement their current income.


Can an agent earn a higher contract?

Absolutely. Every 2 months agents are eligible to receive contract raises depending on production. Individual agents at Equis can earn top contracts that are normally only given to agency managers. Agency managers have the ability to earn contracts that surpass the industry standard.


Can I get my license online?

Yes and no. You can do all your state required pre-licensing studying online with ExamFX. We have partnered with ExamFX to provide our agents with a heavily discounted rate. To register for your licensing course, contact our office for your discount code. You will be required to take your license exam at a state approved facility. ExamFX will help you locate the testing facility nearest you.

Does Equis Financial require an insurance license?
  • Yes. The Insurance industry is highly regulated. All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to write business.

We're hiring!!!!

Join our team here at The Gale Group We're looking for energetic, self starters, entrepreneurs, managers, and closers that know that big money isn't handed to you, we work for it, but the rewards are outstanding!

Do you have your insurance license?

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